How Dominos get more orders through Facebook?

Dominos pizza is getting a lot of fame because of its social media marketing strategies. The number of orders has increased to a large number with the help of Facebook Messenger bot. the experience for the customers in increased by delivering an entirely new experience. The order is placed by this technique by simply texting pizza. This Facebook platform was created by Facebook. This is a messenger based platform that provides one on one conversation point between the provider and customer. This article will show how Dominos is using this technology effectively.

Focus on Facebook & Instagram

They are particularly focusing on Facebook because of the instant messaging. This messaging is growing a lot in popularity among the users. In the western market, this is a major point in the e-commerce. There are one stop shopping platforms for everything in Asia and this concept has made it important for Dominos to use this concept. The users on Facebook are large in number and the audience constitutes of every kind of people. Also, the Whatsapp is closed for the users in the UK that bring Facebook at advantage. Similarly the option to Buy Real Instagram Followers remains open for everyone.

Transactions over social media

The brand puts it more like the conversational experience on social media rather than transactional one. The brand is accessed more easily by providing people an easy to reach a solution. A conversational experience is provided because this is more users friendly for the families, colleagues, and friends.

There are multiple options provided to the users to make the best pizza of their choice. Some of the options include bases, topping, and sizes etc. Less amount of time is consumed because customers can decide on their best pizza through step by step procedure. Also, the channels they are using provide more involvement.

Targeted audience

This is not taken as the opportunity to get a new audience, the first goal is to grab hold of the existing audience and make them loyal. The lives of customers who already love Dominos pizza are made easier through this method. This new method of communication is preferred by customers. This is the part of new strategy to make it even more accessible for the customers. By the time, the app will get more popularity and the customer base will increase on such a huge platform as Facebook.

Bot expects to increase the sales

This new change has been made to provide new opportunities to the users and all this is done after proper analysis of customer behavior. This platform is expecting to increase the number of sales on the commercial level.

However, they are not sure that this new platform will bring massive change instantly. Instead of the increase in sales, massive increase in the user experience is expected to have. People will attach sentiments to this brand that will create a long term value for the company. All these things sum up to provide positive use on Facebook Messenger bot for Dominos. This will definitely play a great role in the future of e-commerce.