Developments in the Casablanca Tramway is progressing according to the established schedule

After the year of 2016 activity for Casa Transport SA, the Local Development Corporation carry on its momentum during the year 2017. Regarding the construction of the second line of the Casablanca tramway and the extension of the first line, the General Manager of Casa Transport SA  has announced that the works that were launched in May 2015 are progressing according to the target, and the commissioning is expected at the end of October 2018.

At present, almost 16 kilometers are dedicated or required of work for laying rails and other systems such as overhead contact lines, energy, ticketing, and so on. This works cover 97% of the line connecting the areas of Lissasfa and Anoual Boulevard in Sidi Bernoussi, traversing through Aïn Sebaâ according to the general manager of Casa Transport.

The construction of the new tram lines called T2, T3, and T4 is progressing swiftly. Starting on August 24, the connection of the second line with the first line will be initiated at the level of the networks of the Anoul – Abdelmoumen boulevards and the Oqba Ibn Nafii – Grande Ceinture boulevards at Hay Mohammadi.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the link connecting the terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the Casablanca tramway will help in traffic management and busy flow of transportation within the city. Casablanca is Morocco’s business and economic capital, and the residents will benefit from the easy access to transportation and the hassle-free journey from one area to another.

The concrete foundation of the platform is said to be 90% complete, while the rails have been laid on 87% of the route, over a length of 14.1 kilometers. It must be noted that the coating of the platform is already 54% complete.

The Local Development Corporation’s DG also indicated that 23 out of 33 planned intersections are now installed with a platform, whereas the development works for the façade which started in May 2016 is 43% complete.

The summer of 2017 will see major progress in the realization of this second portion which measures 17 kilometers of the public transport network in the city of Casablanca. Selected works will begin from August 14 and will continue until August 28 to ensure the connection of the second line with the first line at the networks of the Anoul-Abdelmoumen boulevards and the roads of Oqba Ibn Nafii- Great Belt to Hay Mohammadi.

Concerning the overall progress of the works of the second line, another major event is expected this summer, and this is the reception of the first tramway train at the end of July 2017 in Casablanca, the first in a series of 25 double trains dedicated to run on the second line.

Furthermore, the DG of Casa Transport SA indicated that other works are also underway or planned this summer. The works include the installation of 22 traveling station equipment, the planting of 2,500 trees and palm trees along the route.

As per the 3rd and 4th tram line networks, each 14 kilometers long, the work is already underway, and these two lines will be carried out simultaneously according to a scheduled time frame under an investment budget value of MAD8.4 billion.

The third tram line will serve the industrial area of Oulad Ziane Boulevard, Moulay Rachid, Hay Lalla Meriem, the city center and the Hassan II mosque, and Sidi Othmane. The fourth tram line will serve the city center and the Casa Port railway station,  Mohammed VI, Driss Al Harti, and Derb Soltane boulevards.

According to the company, the third and fourth tram line will also include a third center of excellence for the public transport network in Lahrayouine, which will be added to the existing operation and maintenance center in Sidi Moumen and in the center in Sidi Bernoussi which is under construction.

Article by Ibn Battuta Association