How Dominos get more orders through Facebook?

Dominos pizza is getting a lot of fame because of its social media marketing strategies. The number of orders has increased to a large number with the help of Facebook Messenger bot. the experience for the customers in increased by delivering an entirely new experience. The order is placed by this technique by simply texting pizza. This Facebook platform was created by Facebook. This is a messenger based platform that provides one on one conversation point between the provider and customer. This article will show how Dominos is using this technology effectively.

Focus on Facebook & Instagram

They are particularly focusing on Facebook because of the instant messaging. This messaging is growing a lot in popularity among the users. In the western market, this is a major point in the e-commerce. There are one stop shopping platforms for everything in Asia and this concept has made it important for Dominos to use this concept. The users on Facebook are large in number and the audience constitutes of every kind of people. Also, the Whatsapp is closed for the users in the UK that bring Facebook at advantage. Similarly the option to Buy Real Instagram Followers remains open for everyone.

Transactions over social media

The brand puts it more like the conversational experience on social media rather than transactional one. The brand is accessed more easily by providing people an easy to reach a solution. A conversational experience is provided because this is more users friendly for the families, colleagues, and friends.

There are multiple options provided to the users to make the best pizza of their choice. Some of the options include bases, topping, and sizes etc. Less amount of time is consumed because customers can decide on their best pizza through step by step procedure. Also, the channels they are using provide more involvement.

Targeted audience

This is not taken as the opportunity to get a new audience, the first goal is to grab hold of the existing audience and make them loyal. The lives of customers who already love Dominos pizza are made easier through this method. This new method of communication is preferred by customers. This is the part of new strategy to make it even more accessible for the customers. By the time, the app will get more popularity and the customer base will increase on such a huge platform as Facebook.

Bot expects to increase the sales

This new change has been made to provide new opportunities to the users and all this is done after proper analysis of customer behavior. This platform is expecting to increase the number of sales on the commercial level.

However, they are not sure that this new platform will bring massive change instantly. Instead of the increase in sales, massive increase in the user experience is expected to have. People will attach sentiments to this brand that will create a long term value for the company. All these things sum up to provide positive use on Facebook Messenger bot for Dominos. This will definitely play a great role in the future of e-commerce.

Social Media Apps

Top Social Media Platforms to Promote your Brand on the Internet

Imagine spending a few hours on the web to get business recognition and drive sales with no little cost. Yes, this is possible if you use the social media platforms to build your brand’s image. Digital marketing is the need of the time, and now marketers believe that social media generates the tremendous exposure for their brand. The advantages of using social media platforms are enormous, and everyone had made it the part of their marketing strategy. If you use social media to promote your company, then it helps your business to grow rapidly.

Social Media Is Not A Timepass Anymore:

Well, it is a fact that there was a time when teenagers used to waste their time in just hanging out on social media. All they had to do was posting random statuses and pictures on their timeline. But social media is more than Timepass now. It is a way to communicate with the people who are not near you. But do you know that you can use the popular social media platforms as the marketing tools? Yes, it is true. Now businesses realize the importance of social media and its role in promoting their brands. The social media platforms provide business free reach to their clients.

It is stated that you need to be active on all the social media platforms to increase your brand’s presence. But instead of wasting your time on every platform just properly utilize the power of social media.

Following are the most popular social media platforms that can play a significant role in establishing a brand’s reputation:

  • Twitter:

Many of us think that Twitter is just an ordinary news sharing app. Yeah, you can share pictures with your friends all over the world using Twitter, but you can use this platform to boost your business as well. All you need to do is to use the limit of 140 characters to describe your product or services.

  • Instagram:

Instagram is not just a photo sharing app. In fact, it is a platform that can bring traffic to your site and increases sales. Use your Instagram account to access your clients and attain new customers as well. The secret of success on Instagram is to post the engaging content that could compel your target audience to follow you.

  • Facebook:

Facebook is one of the most popular social media platforms, and almost everyone uses it. You can use it to create a page of your company. You can post pictures of your products describing its features and benefits. Also, you can host a Facebook contest and offer your products as prizes to the winners. It will help you to target audience and win more customers.

  • LinkedIn:

LinkedIn is a great platform to post content displaying business related information. If you need to hire new employees, then use LinkedIn as it is the best way to recruit new talent. You can grow your network and contact the suppliers too by using LinkedIn.


Play Exciting Unblocked Games in your spare time

When you have free time, and nothing important to do then the idea of playing games comes across your mind. In the previous times playing a game was the activity only for children but now the developers have introduced many games that are not just for kids. You cannot play games in the schools or offices because not every game is suitable for children. But it does not mean that you cannot have fun playing games in the school premises. You have the option of playing exciting Unblocked Games which not only help you to pass the time but also leave positive effects on health.

List of Flash Games that are completely fun:

Well, we all know that playing the games is fun and time flies while playing games. But it is also a fact that if we invest our whole day just in playing games and do nothing productive, then we have to suffer from the health problems. These health issues could be:

  • Paled skin
  • Tired eyes
  • Effect on vision
  • Headache
  • Backache
  • Problems in fingers
  • Laziness

So try to balance your day and first complete your tasks and then play the games in your spare time. Here are the few Unblocked Games that are the best for passing time and to have fun:

  • Angry Birds:

Angry bird is a very good time pass. You have to save the eggs of the birds using your analytical skills and strength. Destroy the defense system of the pigs and rescue the eggs of the birds. If you are waiting for someone and hate the boredom, then you should play angry birds.

  • Sports Head Tennis:

You have heard about the tennis but can you play tennis using your head and rackets. Well, the sports head tennis is the game where you play the tennis using heads. It is quite fun playing and a good time pass.

  • The Last Stand:

It is an exciting game which is based on the series. The first series started with the story of an alone survivor jack. He was fighting with the zombies and other enemies. It is a fun game for those who love to watch zombie movies.

  • Flood Runner:

The flood runner is the game in which you have to escape the flood. You can run, jump and glide to save your life. It is a good game to play while waiting for someone or in the school break.

The games are good for health only if you invest reasonable time in playing the games. The games improve your vision and enhance your skills. You become better able to concentrate on the tasks and learn to take quick decisions. The games help to produce better surgeons. In fact, now the teachers are using the games to develop the interest of learning new concepts. Moreover, the games contribute to reduce stress and forget your pain. So spend your leisure time in playing educational games and kill the boredom.



How To Make Twitter Profile To Drive Sales

Social media is a blessing in disguise for those who want to use it to promote their business. You may have heard about Twitter that is a social media platform where people share text messages and pictures as well. Individuals who are not registered on Twitter cannot make posts, but they can just read the tweets. It is an online news service that makes you aware of what is happening in the world and connects you with the people from all over the world. You can use this fantastic way to drive home sales and to do so you have to make a strong marketing strategy.

Make Twitter Account:

As a matter of fact, social media has become a compulsory part of our lives. Our friends, relatives, colleagues and even our favorite celebrities also use social media.  Social media is significant support for building a business reputation.  It is the best tool to enhance the company image. Why wait so long to get business recognition. Let’s get started on Twitter by making an account. You want to promote your business then you should not use your Twitter account for business purposes. Following are the steps to make an account on Twitter:

  • Sign Up:

First of all, visit the official site of the Twitter and click on the option “sign up.”

  • Choose A Username:

Then you have to pick a username. If you are making an account for personal use, then you can select any name of your choice. But in the case of making a Twitter account for business use, choose a name that relates to your business.

  • Brand Centric Profile:

Your profile is your introduction so it must tell your business story at a single glance. Make sure that you have chosen the words that describe your business clearly and the Pictures that relate to your brand. You have the option to describe your brand in minimum 160 characters so choose the words that best represent your products, services, and your brand. Never forget to add a link to your website in your profile.

  • Start Interaction:

Twitter is a platform where you can interact with people through text messages. It may be boring, but once you start posting texts, you would find it interesting. The best tip to becoming famous on Twitter in to first become a good listener. Follow the people you like and then observe the trends. You understand the Twitter function completely then start getting followers.


  • Keep Tweeting:

We all understand that to get more followers; it is crucial to be active on social media. People do not remember the profiles of those who only tweet once a month. So keep tweeting interesting stories to engage the audience and get more followers. To get social cultivability and popularity the best idea is to retweet other’s tweets.

One tip that can help you attaining brand recognition on Twitter is that do not follow everyone who follows you. Follow relevant users.

What is the best age of making a social media profile?

Any age is a good age for making social media profile. The profile matter so if the profile looks good it would put a good impact on the account and people following it. Many would argue that social media profiles are not easy when they are made later in the age. This is not true age doesn’t matter when it comes to social media. The most thing that matter how a person creates a profile and how well he maintains the profile. At any age, if these things are considered for making a social media profile that is the best age.

Following things must be done to maintain the social media profile. This can be easy and difficult for many at a young age but if the proper practice is maintained it won’t be an issue.

Social media name

Buy Instagram FollowersNow this matters a lot those people who are thinking of growing their Facebook account. They need to have a proper social media name. Many social media experts recommend that it is necessary to have a proper name for social media as it is going to appear in the search result. The URL profile does matter but if the person doesn’t know URL he or she should be able to find the person by his proper name. Only in this way the person would genuinely be available for the social media searches. People often make mistakes they mess up the URL and also their names are more of their nicks names called in their surrounding society. The can set up their nickname in the social media profile but to impact and grab a good audience that can land proper searches on the social media please put the proper social media name.

Username and Profile pictures

The right and core ways to make social media profiles good. Username matter much when the name is not written correctly. Username comes mostly in the URL that can be edited and created by the owner of the account. Some expert always advises to edit URL and write the name which mostly the person is called around in the society. So when the searches are made and the URL pop up they would immediately identify the account of the person. Url do matter a lot of edited properly experts often find and recognize people through Url.

Profile pictures also matter when a search is made on the social media. The crowd which appears on the search can be thousands of people with a similar name so a distinct display picture differentiates the person in those thousand people.

This is the sole reason why expert advises to put a proper selfie on the social media. Most of the people also buy Instagram likes for ease in engagement with their pictures. So when a search is made the result of the profile should be proper and accurate.

As soon the world will progress further age will just be a number. Social media will continuously grow and the average age joining social media would reduce the minimum age where they can create social media account.

King Mohammed VI

Exported Agricultural and Food products in Morocco significantly increased after King Mohammed VI visit to Russia

A joint Moroccan-Russian committee convened in Moscow, Russia on July 11-13 to promote partnership between Morocco and Russia in their studies and development projects.

The 6th Joint Committee was attended by representatives of various sectors of bilateral cooperation, in particular, industry such as trading, energy, mining, investment, finance, tourism, and agriculture.

This commission provided an opportunity for both countries to explore ways and strategies to achieve economic development as well as scientific and technical cooperation.

It must be noted that during the last visit by King Mohammed VI to Russia, 16 cooperation agreements were signed and approved in several strategic fields. In 2016, the volume of trade between Morocco and Russia amounted to 1.3 billion US dollars, of which agricultural products generated 534 million US dollars according to reports released by the Russian media.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the state visits the King Mohamed VI has done were effective to promote the Kingdom of Morocco as a suitable spot for investment. Establishing joint-cooperation with other nations will not only strengthen the relations, but it will also benefit the tourism sector of Morocco and the countries involved. King Mohamed VI has been coordinating with the public officials from other nations to discuss in which field or area of development they can contribute to achieving common ground of development.

Russian exports of agricultural products and foodstuffs to Morocco increased by nine times which is amounting from USD15 million to USD131 million. The main components of exports are wheat at 89%, barley at 6%, and soybean oil at 3%. Imports also increased by 17% or equivalent to 343 million US dollars to 403 million US dollars, which comped of citrus fruits at 49% and vegetables at 43%.

Agricultural and food products between Russia and Morocco, therefore, represent more than 40% of the total volume of trade between the two countries.

According to the Moroccan Foreign Minister Nasser Bourita, who presided the conclusion of the commission, the Kingdom of Morocco aspires to become the first Arab and African partner of Russia, and the Kingdom is ready to make every possible effort to achieve this goal. At the same time, Morocco is exerting its best effort to achieve its goal of becoming one of Russia’s top 10 trading partners. On the other note, the Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev underlined the keen interest of Russia in improving its oil and gas exports to Morocco, stressing in this context that the Ministry of Agriculture Energy and the Gazprom Group will discuss this matter and undertake the necessary steps in this subject.

The Russian minister also expressed the desire of Russia to participate in the renewal of the fleet of the national carrier Royal Air Maroc using providing high-quality equipment and the level of opportunities.

In the field of tourism, the two countries aim to increase the number of Russian tourists visiting the Kingdom each year, the number of which does not exceed 50,000, and to be increased to more than 150,000.


Developments in the Casablanca Tramway is progressing according to the established schedule

After the year of 2016 activity for Casa Transport SA, the Local Development Corporation carry on its momentum during the year 2017. Regarding the construction of the second line of the Casablanca tramway and the extension of the first line, the General Manager of Casa Transport SA  has announced that the works that were launched in May 2015 are progressing according to the target, and the commissioning is expected at the end of October 2018.

At present, almost 16 kilometers are dedicated or required of work for laying rails and other systems such as overhead contact lines, energy, ticketing, and so on. This works cover 97% of the line connecting the areas of Lissasfa and Anoual Boulevard in Sidi Bernoussi, traversing through Aïn Sebaâ according to the general manager of Casa Transport.

The construction of the new tram lines called T2, T3, and T4 is progressing swiftly. Starting on August 24, the connection of the second line with the first line will be initiated at the level of the networks of the Anoul – Abdelmoumen boulevards and the Oqba Ibn Nafii – Grande Ceinture boulevards at Hay Mohammadi.

According to Mohamed Dekkak, Chairman and Founder of Adgeco Group, the link connecting the terminal 1 and terminal 2 of the Casablanca tramway will help in traffic management and busy flow of transportation within the city. Casablanca is Morocco’s business and economic capital, and the residents will benefit from the easy access to transportation and the hassle-free journey from one area to another.

The concrete foundation of the platform is said to be 90% complete, while the rails have been laid on 87% of the route, over a length of 14.1 kilometers. It must be noted that the coating of the platform is already 54% complete.

The Local Development Corporation’s DG also indicated that 23 out of 33 planned intersections are now installed with a platform, whereas the development works for the façade which started in May 2016 is 43% complete.

The summer of 2017 will see major progress in the realization of this second portion which measures 17 kilometers of the public transport network in the city of Casablanca. Selected works will begin from August 14 and will continue until August 28 to ensure the connection of the second line with the first line at the networks of the Anoul-Abdelmoumen boulevards and the roads of Oqba Ibn Nafii- Great Belt to Hay Mohammadi.

Concerning the overall progress of the works of the second line, another major event is expected this summer, and this is the reception of the first tramway train at the end of July 2017 in Casablanca, the first in a series of 25 double trains dedicated to run on the second line.

Furthermore, the DG of Casa Transport SA indicated that other works are also underway or planned this summer. The works include the installation of 22 traveling station equipment, the planting of 2,500 trees and palm trees along the route.

As per the 3rd and 4th tram line networks, each 14 kilometers long, the work is already underway, and these two lines will be carried out simultaneously according to a scheduled time frame under an investment budget value of MAD8.4 billion.

The third tram line will serve the industrial area of Oulad Ziane Boulevard, Moulay Rachid, Hay Lalla Meriem, the city center and the Hassan II mosque, and Sidi Othmane. The fourth tram line will serve the city center and the Casa Port railway station,  Mohammed VI, Driss Al Harti, and Derb Soltane boulevards.

According to the company, the third and fourth tram line will also include a third center of excellence for the public transport network in Lahrayouine, which will be added to the existing operation and maintenance center in Sidi Moumen and in the center in Sidi Bernoussi which is under construction.

Article by Ibn Battuta Association

Steps to build your online reputation

Social media is a platform where users communicate with each other. They use it either for business or for personal purpose. They want to get popularity and build a reputation through social media. For this purpose, they join different social media networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and Snapchat. Various other social media networks are also available where users interact with each other and engage their followers.

Online reputation

People use social media platforms for their reputation building.  They want to build reputation either as business, brand or a personality. They want to get popularity across the world which is possible through social media with little effort. Users can get popularity and build a reputation by following some steps.

Ways to build online reputation

Some of the ways to build online reputation are as follows:

  • Be authentic

You can build an online reputation by being authentic. You should be real while communicating and interacting with followers.

  • Be interesting

You need to post interesting content on social media platforms to build an online reputation. To engage followers, content must contain interesting and useful content.

  • Be trustworthy

Online reputation can be built by being trustworthy. You need to be honest and engage followers.

  • Be meaningful

All content posted must possess some goal and reasons. It will help to engage other people more toward your profile.

  • Be responsive

You need to respond each follower. In addition, you can respond to all current incidents of your interest. It will update your profile to other users. It is one of the strongest ways to build an online reputation.

  • Be consistent

Users need to post content consistently to engage followers. You followers will engage continuously if you update information for them on regular basis.

  • Be involved

Involvement with modern technological development is essential to building an online reputation. You need to spend your time on all social media platforms. It is important to focus on quality more than the quantity for posting real and interesting content. You can engage your followers by creating unique content.

  • Be reciprocating

To build an online reputation, you need to respond your followers. You should not ignore other users who comment and message on social media platforms to you. It is essential to interact with them for building an online reputation. Communicating on social media online is just as communicating offline with people. You cannot ignore them in both situations. In addition, you can share content on Facebook and Twitter with followers. If you don’t have many followers, you can buy Real Active Instagram followers and buy Instagram likes to leave comments on their profiles.

  • Create positive image

You need to create your reputation in eyes of followers. You should avoid posting content which creates a negative image for you.  Building online reputation is possible when you create a positive image in front of other users and followers.

  • Be focused

You should identify your target market to focus them. You cannot post content which is beneficial for all people. Therefore you need to identify specific group of people on social media

So, online reputation on social media can be built by using these strategies. In addition, you can use other creative ideas for building online reputation across the world.